Nine Steps in PVC Labels Production Process

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Nine Steps in PVC Labels Production Process
PVC label is a relatively common form of label products, such as metal leather labels, leather labels, leather nameplate, clothing leather labels, leather, leather subscript, badge leather and some other soft plastic labels etc. PVC is relatively soft, and can be bent, the thermal stability, but poor impact resistance. PVC labels’ production process, mainly processed by mold injection or sheet cut to shape. Here's a simple analysis of nine steps in PVC labels production process.

Step 1
The design of PVC labels, the basic material of transparent PVC labels is plexiglass (grades: 372), through the mold thermal plastic molding injection or cut sheet and then completed subsequent processing, color patterns. Transparent PVC labels are generally oval or circular shape design, proper for product pattern signage. The product color is better to base on the same color, also can be two-color. Some directly using plate sheet processing, and the pattern and script will use screen printing or engraving after fill in the paint.

Step 2PVC labels production mould processing. Due to injection of organ lass is more complex than the ABS plastic, in the mold processing should consider the shrinkage ratio of the product and the front transparent impact of the product shape. Especially, mold finish, flatness has a big impact to the injection of molding products. The selection of mold intersection is also very important. If the selecting of intersection is inappropriate will cause products shrinkage suppress and cut gate defects, affecting the appearance of the product. In the possible case, the intersection preferably to select the non-intuitive surface. Therefore, the mold is usually lurking gates.

Step 3
Plexiglass (PVC) must be within the oven baking of the pellets before injection, the time and temperature should be preferred according to mold conditions and material properties. After molding can maintain the transparency of the product through preheating the material, also to prevent pellets rapid heating, decreased transparency, yellowing surface. As the shape and pattern of the product is depressed, any grain and defects in the depressed parts, in front perspective will enlarge defect. Therefore, in mold injection, the cavity and other parts should be closely observed. Once the problem appeared, should handle in time. After the molding injection finished, should be seriously trimmed to avoid defects

Step 4
PVC labels’ color processing. After the molding injection, products generally is colorless and transparent. The processing of the product color should be according to the requirements of the product pattern. The color substrate most choose plastic inks, screen printing processing. The steps are: 1. According to the pattern processing plates; 2.Choose a reliable product positioning and production tooling; 3. Mix thoroughly ink to print, after 10mins dring into the oven. The oven temperature should be controlled within 100 ℃, time of 1.5h. Some products can be adopted the air dry way. To ensure the product color printed thick, generally printed twice.

Step 5
PVC labels vacuum plating protection. The vacuum aluminum plating should conduct product primer coating, take reasonable protection of the non plate in order to get what we need plate. Usually affixed to sticker to protect non-plated surface, when pasting need serious and accurate.

Step 6
PVC labels’ metal color processing. Transparent PVC labels pattern metallic color can adopt anti hot stamping film molding, the aluminum vacuum forming. The stamping film anti-scald molding can only be carried out on a flat surface, while aluminum vacuum molding can carried out on a flat surface or concave. Due to transparent Pvc labels and the PVC labels’ pattern need to form a three-dimensional effect, metal color processing all choose aluminum vacuum molding. The aluminum vacuum steps: 1. Spray primer material; 2.Finish aluminized vacuum in coating equipment; 3. Product testing; 4) Covering the protective layer (usually using dark plastic paint to spray). Use the anti-hot forming of the hot stamping film method to conduct metal processing metal color.

Step 7
PVC labels collating and posting glue. After metal color processing and protection completed, then clean-up the product, remove non-plated surface protective paper and transparent surface to be cleaned. After processing, should test the overall quality of products, qualified products should be pasted with double-sided sticker according to the installation requirements, and then come to the product packaging.

Step 8
The products inlay processing. Some of the PVC labels products can be installed in the plastic baseplate or other plastic parts. If the product is designed mosaic, the installation size must be accurate.

Step 9
Packaging PVC labels. General packing with plastic closure pockets, if customers have special requirements, can also be packaged based on the requirements of the guests
After more than nine steps, the production process PVC labels are well done. Of course, this is just a simple analysis and description of the production process of PVC labels, in the actual production, it will be more complex than above said, to produce good PVC labels, need to control the details of each steps.

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