The Analysis of Manufacturing Process of Seal Tags

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The Analysis of Manufacturing Process of Seal Tags
From the structure
First take the one-in-two seal tags for example: first use plasticator presses both sides , bronzing, and then apply a glue plus strands together, always can do a shape at one time, a vertical injection molding machine is OK, once out of the six grains, cut it out and then bronzing and packaging, do not need glue, eliminating the need for extra manpower, and better for the environment. There are also triple, quadruple, first using the injection molding machine to press several seal tags, then bronzing stick together.
From bronzing
1. The seal tags of one piece of clothes can only hot one color, hot two - double gold, or more - multicolor gold color.
2. Theoretically speaking, garment accessories are Offset printing paper products. Also, has the screen printing plastic products.
3. Offset Printing principle is relatively simple, but the machinery and equipment will have a direct impact on the quality; paper processing is more flexible, can kill various disposal, easier to express the designer’s original soul.
4. When designing seal tags will think every step of the process. Patterns (drawings) - plate - printing - paper -post processing

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