We Are The Metal Label Supplier

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Our company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of safety, labeling and signage solutions, including Metal Labels.

We offer printed metal labelmade from superior quality raw material like cloth, paper, etc. The metal labelsare laminated or wax polished to make them durable and water proof.

For many years, we have remained the trusted and proven supplier of safety and labeling equipment,Metal Labels and more for thousands of customers around the globe.We deliver these at very reasonable prices.

The metal labelsare either attached at the back of garments and thus push people to buy the product. The size of the metal label is according to customers requests.

We manufacture metal labelspecially designed for the apparels. These help in image enhancement of the brand or representing the brand of the product.

Allmetal label sales are final, tags can not be returned, make sure the tag you order is the correct size and material.

If you're interested in Metal Labels or tons of other helpful products, you can contact us freely.

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