Custom Hanger in China Manufacturer

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In fact, the hanging tie and belt hangers make great use of your existing closet space. Our company produces many kinds of belt hangers.

This belt organizer features twelve hooks each of which can accommodate multiple belts. And it has a standard garment hanger which easily hangs from any closet rod. This belt hanger's staggered design accommo dates wide belts.

This stylish tie belt hanger hangs from your closet rod with a sturdy garment hanger hook so you can keep your neckties belts suspenders and more right alongside the rest of your clothes.

Keep belts ties scarves purses and more neatly and efficiently organized right in your closet with this Chrome Closet Hook. This tie and belt hanger can be hung directly from your closet rod and saves valuable space by consolidating belts and ties onto one closet hanger.

A belt hanger or scarf hanger is a great way to display an array of accessories, and our jeans hangers will provide a secure grip without damaging the products.

Any accessories hanger such as belt hanger will allow for the optimized use of space in shops, meaning a higher rate of sales.

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