The newest fashion garment leather label

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Here is a selection of Leather Labels that we are capable of doing.

Imitation leather label can give a great appearance to any outdoor or accessory product. Very soft suede finish coupled with a "burned" look embossing give this label such a great look. This is our newest addition to our leather and faux leather label line.

This is a soft solution to labeling identity when you require a leather label. They are very durable and soft.

We have our own professional designer to make your logo in leather label more attractive. We have large production capability toput your product in market earlier.

There are various kinds of jeans leather label with high quality. The leather labels showed arecustomized, just for reference, not for sale.

Our factory uses broadlooms, needle looms, and even the double and single shuttle looms to make the best possible leather labels.

The fact is that a printed leather label does not stand up to standard wear.

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