Various seal tags on the fair

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2012 is the second decade of CHIC which is a garment grand banquet in regular March. In the garment industry or the garment accessory industry, such as hangtags, seal tags, fabric labels etc, it just likes the Evening for spring festival in garment industry and is also the stage for garment brands to display their best products. However, in recent years, there are many old brands which appeared in the fair passed years have faded out the stage, especially the brands of Wenzhou, even the companies to visit the fair is more and more less. With the development of CHIC during 20 years, the brands of Wenzhou have experienced a lot with CHIC. However, no matter the booths or the garment industry of Wenzhou, they are all going into the period of adjustment.

In the year of 2000, at the CHIC in Beijing, it is well-known to talk about the garment of Wenzhou. If you refer to the media information of garment brands of Wenzhou, you may find that they are won the great praise by some industries. Every March, if you need to find someone in the CHIC, you just speak out you are staying at the booth of some brand, the people you want to find will appear in front of you. In the first day of CHIC, you may meet the great guy you want to meet. The garment manufacturers or the garment accessory manufacturer who produce seal tags, woven labels etc have all appeared.

In recent years, the garment brands of Wenzhou have lost their motive power to take part in the fair. They take part in the fair just because they are used for the old position. With the change of the position of CHIC, they have completely lost their interest to participate, which even include the seal tags and garment manufacturers.

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