The newest trend about fabric

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In October of this year's fabric industry high-end professional exhibition InterTextile from home and abroad, professional audience will find this exhibition to add another bright spot -- dynamic fashion brand. According to the cooperative intent which Chinese fashion and Intertexture reach, fabric during the show will be on site for exhibitors to organize dynamic fashion show, the exhibitors and visitors to display from multi dimension and understand of the product and brand. The fabric is eventually to make clothing, the fabric of clothing displayed by finished clothes, which can let visitors more intuitive understanding of product performance and effect of a finished product. During this period, you can also see many fabric labels, hang tags, seal tags etc.

More importantly, through the fashion conference in the form of displaying finished products and brand, on the publication of enterprise's brand idea, development strength, fashion such as degree of comprehensive strength is a test. Only the strong brand concept and product development strength of fabrics enterprises was able to complete a successful conference.Therefore, this October fabrics and garment accessories, such as fabric labels, buttons show fashion show, will become the most strong presentation stage for comprehensive strength of China's textile industry.

As everyone knows, Intertextile Shanghai apparel fabrics is one of well-known in the world highest, largest textile industry, which is a specifically platform for textile brand business transaction upstream, trends and creative fashion show. In this show, there are over 3000 participators which include garment manufacturers, garment accessory manufacturers and fabric manufacturers. In this great show, there are all kinds of beautiful cloth, such as silk, nylon, cotton, and other special design of accessories, such as fabric labels, zippers, tags and so on. In October this year, fashion and apparel fabrics teamed up for the industry in the dynamic fashion conference to offer many new highlights.

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