Plastic belt hangers for your belt

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In recent years, the environmental materials are popular in the world. Therefore, the PU belts are loved by the world. However, the real belts appeared in market for only a few times. China is the largest countries to export belts in the world. The belts exporting to Europe and America must meet the strict environmental standard. The most fashionable pattern in the market now is to make the belt wider with the length and one part is wide but for the other part is narrow. They are decorated with shiny metal labels and various in colors, such as red, blue and purple. You can always see them with belt hangers displayed in market.

In old days, the belts are just fabric in your waist to make your trousers not fall off. But for now, they are not only for that purpose but also the represent of a fashion and ornaments. The belt comes from the long time exercise of the people in ancient northern people of China. They are usually used for hanging some thing that may be used in product and normal life. In the past period, there is only a little leather goods for decorating. So there are no belt hangers in the ancient days.

The leather industry is one of a major industry of China. Recently, with the rapid development of leather industry, China has being the large manufacturer making leather and is one of the most potential and active market of trading. Chinese leather industry has shaped a series of professional market with clear division of labour and features through the adjustment of construction. Of course, this may also rush the development of the production of belt hangers. Belts and belt hangers are always in a same market and position.

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