Printed labels in the fair

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As for the garment accessory manufacturers who take part in the fair, to participate the fair has a great significant to increase their image of brands and enlarge the ways of sale. Compared with the domestic manufacturers, the foreign manufacturers take more attention to the characteristics of the products. Of course, to be familiar with the need of the market is also the basis to develop the new products. Intertextile is the most influential and with most various goods in China. So all the garment accessory manufacturer which no matter produce printed labels or hangtags they will take the most outstanding and richest products in this fair.

The intertextile fair becomes the first step to display their new products for the foreign manufacturers. The reason is that this fair can help them know more same manufacturers from Asia, Europe and America. At the same time, they can touch more customers who attach more importance to the quality and are looking for the credible products. Because of the great influence, many famous brands are developing some new products to take part in the fair which include the garment fabric and accessories, such as printed labels, buttons etc.

The foreign manufacturers love the Intertextile fair especially and their idea to lay stress on the display of garment accessories and the leading the trend of fashion. The fair offers a perfect stage for the foreign manufacturer to express their features. They can find more customers who need printed labels, woven labels, hangtags, seal tags etc. The most important is that this can be a good way to enter the market of China even the Asia for foreign companies. In the fair, there is a professional seminar which is focus on the trend of garment accessories hold by the famous domestic and foreign garment accessory manufacturers.

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