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If you are the person who usually shopping online, you must know there was a very attractive sales promotion for online shops the day before yesterday, which are the most popular online website among Chinese people. Whatever you want, you can search the goods you want on TaoBao stores, and buy many goods such as import foods and fruit, toys, computers, all kinds of articles for daily life, garments and some special accessories such as hangtags, bags etc..

Why more and more people like to buy goods online? The obvious reasons are as follows: The first, many young people who don’t like to go out shopping. Maybe some people are too busy and don’t have spare time to go out for shopping. While other young people who don’t like to go around for shopping goods. The second, most items at online stores are much cheaper than markets, and there are much more selection and comparison for us to choose. Finally, with the development of internet and express, once you select your favorite items, after you make payment, the online stores will send you the items at once by express. It’s much quicker and more convenience for us. And in this way, it can save us a lot of time and energy. That’s why online stores are popular among people. But in the train of e-commerce boom, many shoppers are cheated by the product pictures and descriptions. Believe that most of us have bought clothes which don’t have brand hangtags, or the brand name on hangtags is different with woven labels.

With the popularity of e-commerce, due to shoppers can’t see the goods directly, some bad sellers avail the chance to cheat the customers. In fact, many goods don’t match with the pictures and description. There are too much discrepancy, that buyer can’t accept. More serious is that clothes without hangtags and wash labels can be acceptable, if you pay for a cloth or a computer, but it was only a stone when received. The issue is very serious. Now, believe the buyers who were cheated before hope these problems can be solved soon.

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