Printed jewelry cards displayed in the fair

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During the period of the intertextile fair, the garment accessory manufacturers in China or foreign have hold a garment accessory seminar aiming at discussing the trend of garment accessories together. The well known garment accessory manufacturers will bring the customers the newest news about the garment accessories in next season and will communicate the idea with the cooperated partners in the fair. No matter the manufacturers who produce jewelry cards, hangtags, seal tags or the manufacturers who produce fabrics, they all treat this fair with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

From the establishment of special garment accessory exhibition to create the displaying area of the trend of garment accessory fashion, the intertextile fair is constantly adjusting and changing and let the consumers see the decision to attach more importance to the development of garment accessories which even include the production of paper jewelry cards. Because except the fabric labels, the garment accessories also include the paper hangtags, plastic seal tags etc. In the fair, the famous brand such as Swarovskielements has displayed the newest products to express the vogue and the trend of fashion. In the fair, the various shapes, colors and accurate cutting has brought endless design feelings.

No matter the domestic companies which bring the little change and complete conception of products or the foreign manufacturers that treating this fair as the stage to display new products or the forum to bring the customers experience, the fair gives the garment accessory manufacturers magical power and makes the small garment accessories with greater influence. The garment accessories involve in plastic products such as hangers, seal tags, plastic jewelry cards and the paper products such as paper hangtags, paper jewelry cards, bags, boxes etc.

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