Take your brand to international market

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For a long time, the brands from Italy, France and America have occupied the senior garment market in the world. These years more and more individual and customized printing products have been made. The customers have increased the requirements for the quality of the picture, the precision of the size and the function of the automation. When the finish of the printing is recognized by the customers, the demand of the market will increase for several times. However, no matter which period of your career in, you must know the newest trend of the printing market, such as the new technology of printing hangtags, boxes and paper bags.

As for hangtags, the technologies used on them are various. There are cutting, making a hole, eyelet, offset printing, color foil stamping, making matt or gloss film, and embossing etc. In the aspect of quality, it has been in a similar standard as the offset printing and the development is still going on. Its most important advantage is that it can handle a large number of products in the shortest time. In order to rush the development of garment market, there are some ways needed to be taken more importance.

Firstly, the garment industry should develop the existing advantages and increase the professional standard of producing. Making the production of hangtags, garment buttons, zippers, and various fabric labels etc with high quality even compared with foreign. Secondly, keeping the balance of the real economy and total economy is to realize the common development of senior production industry and modern service industry. Thirdly, the spirit of creating is also a decisive point to improve the circumstance of garment industry and lead it trending to a higher standard. From this aspect, you can review more detail information in addition of value.

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