Fabric labels utilized in garment

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The surface of satin is smooth, so sometimes it is not easy to absorb the ink. Once the satin fabric labels are washed for several times, the letters or pictures on the surface may be faded. Generally, this situation appears only for few times. This is based on the quality of the satin. Satin and cotton are main materials to make printed labels. As for satin, it is not soft and usually looks shiny. From the trend of the global economy, the circumstance now is not good. However, the customized garment market is going into a golden period.

The fashion director of Chanel Ralph also said that there is lots of money for the rich and the quantity of selling spring senior customized garment designed by him has increased 23 percent. With the good trend in garment market, the accessories, such as hang tags, fabric labels are also in a golden period. The brands like Valentino, Dior, and Chanel hope to catch this chance to hold the market and open the senior customized garment deeply. However, the brands like Giorgio Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier has held some senior customized garment shows in Beijing and Shanghai.

There are two kinds of fabric labels in the garment accessory market. They are selvage fabric labels and die cutting fabric labels. The selvage fabric labels are that they are woven for one time according to the necessary width. This technology avoids many disadvantages which may be made by die cutting. However, if using this technology, the quantity of production is small. The common machine has restriction for the types of yarn, so the colors are restricted accordingly. The material of this kind of labels is usual satin, but the background of satin is hard to express.

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