The value of jewelry

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Jewelries are that they are made by gold, silver or other natural material, such as mineral, stones and organisms etc. They are called jewelries for the reason that they have a high value. The real jewelries are sold in the professional shop. In the aspect of science, the conception of jewelry is the same as gemstone. The wide conception of gemstone is the material that can be made as woman’s personal ornaments through carving, polishing. The patterns of jewelry include natural gemstone, natural jade, natural organic gemstone, gold, and silver, platinum and so on. The high level jewelries are always attached with beautiful jewelry cards to show their taste.

The gemstones must have several features. The first is beautiful, showy and shiny. If the gemstones are not beautiful, they can not be called gemstones. This beauty can be expressed by flowery colors, transparent and clean, special optics effect, and special picture etc. For example, as for the adamas, the transparent and with little blemishes are make as expensive diamonds. But for the ones that are not transparent, with many blemishes and black, they can only be used as material in industry. Of course, the beautiful diamonds should be matched with high quality jewelry cards which the designers need pay more attention to.

To keep the shape in a long time is the other feature for the gemstones. They are solid, wear-resisting and will be the same in a long time. Because of the high value of the gemstones, people will hope them not change in a long time certainly even hope them can be come down by the next generation. Of course, the jewelry cards can not be come for a long time. The diamonds are with high value due to that they are the solidest stone in the world.

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