The Legislation of seat belts

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Nowadays, due to the increase of road accidents, drivers must wear seat belt when driving. You can see seat belts displayed by belt hangers in exhibitions. Seat belt legislation requires the fitting of seat belts to motor vehicles and/or the wearing of seat belts by motor vehicle occupants. The U.S. state of Wisconsin introduced legislation in 1961 requiring front seat belts to be fitted to cars. The Australian state of Victoria mandated front and rear seat belt use from 1970.

In 1961 the U.S. state of Wisconsin introduced legislation requiring seat belts to be fitted to the front outboard seat positions of cars. The Australian states of Victoria and South Australia followed in 1964, with a similar requirement for belt anchorages, although not for the belts themselves. A requirement for anchorage points was introduced in 1965 in the United Kingdom, followed by the requirement in 1968 to fit three-point belts in the front outboard positions on all new cars and all existing cars back to 1965, and by the requirement in South Australia to fit belts (two- or three-point) to the front outboard positions, in all new cars. This legislation leads a new develop in belt industry, even includingbelt hangers makers.

The use of seat belts by vehicle occupants was made compulsory in Victoria, Australia, in 1970, followed by the rest of Australia and some other countries during the 1970s and 1980s. The subsequent dramatic decline in road deaths, equivalent to thousands of lives saved in Australia alone, is generally attributed to seat belt laws and subsequent road safety campaigns. This section gives an overview of when seat belt legislation was first introduced in different countries. This includes both regional and national legislation.

Studies by road safety authorities conclude that seat belt legislation has reduced the number of casualties in road accidents. Experiments using both crash test dummies and human cadavers also indicated that wearing seat belts should lead to reduced risk of death and injury in car crashes. And this has a good benefit to the belts and belt hangers manufacturer.

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