The knowledges for the ribbons

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Webbings and bindings are all belongs to ribbons. Accord to the material ribbons can be divided into nylon / Tetoron / PP (Polypropylene) / acrylic / cotton. We can use those materials to make printed labels, woven labels.

Nylon and PP Ribbon distinction: General nylon webbing is first weaving, dyeing, so cut, the color of the yarn the uneven dyeing whitish color of the yarn and PP webbing by color yarns, and therefore do not exist yarn a white phenomenon; contrasting nylon webbing over the PP ribbon shiny and soft; distinguishable by the chemical reaction of combustion; the general nylon webbing price higher than PP Ribbon Tetoron more soft webbing (polyester high strength), and matt Acrylic Ribbon by Tetoron and cotton material .Generally higher price of cotton belt. Accord to the weaving method, the ribbons can be divided into Plain / corrugated / twill / safety webbing / grooves / beads pattern / jacquard PP. The plain ribbon most used on the printed labels and woven labels. Ribbon can be divided in accordance with the yarn thickness 900D/1200D/1600D; same time, we should pay attention to the thickness of the webbing thickness to determine the unit price and toughness.. Accord to the specification, ribbons can be 10MM/ 12MM/ 15MM/ 20MM/ 25MM/ 30MM/ 32MM/ 38MM/ 50MM.

Accord to the material binding can be Nylon / Trinidad and Tobago Long / PP / Lycra etc. Nylon edging tape more common mainly used within the edging, thick nylon bag for external edging, not wrinkle softer Tetoron package binding, and the price is higher than the nylon used for relatively soft PP plain webbing used for the bag edging Langban bags and other fabric edging. Lycra edging with high price, soft and shiny, multi-boutique bag, such as GOLF club sets. Accord to the texture, binding can be divided into ordinary plain / herringbone, etc. Herringbone edging with the use of nylon and PP, nylon herringbone with more expensive and larger shrinkage when taking into account the material need to pay attention to the liberalization; PP word with more on the market for outsourcing side comparison beautiful, but the lines encrypted or not the points. Those binding are all can make the printed labels.

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