The news about Titanic sank jewelries

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The Titanic sinked jewelries will be on public display in the next few days for the memory of Titanic sank 100 anniversaries. Most of jewelries found from the wreck of the priceless are the first time to meet with the public. Some of them even hangered on the jewelry tags. But the tags already destroyed. The exhibition will be in the three-city tour, the first stop scheduled in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Premier Exhibition Company is the parent company of the Titanic shipwreck salvage, salvage excavations luxury cruise ship to sink in the North Atlantic seabed rights. Titanic salvage company holdings, vice president Alexandra - grams Linge Hao said method (Alexandra Klingelhofer), the purpose of the exhibition is to enable the public to experience the undersea treasure hunt fun. "Hidden under the sea two miles and a half places, find a handbag to bring it to an open and found - Jewelry. Grams Linge Hao said," We want the public to understand what it, open the package that law the feeling of the moment. "Heritage experts and museum staff are studying, to protect these jewels, to better understand the personal circumstances of each passenger on the Titanic. That jewelry matches the beautiful jewelry tags, which will be more attractive.

Group of jewelry found in the 1987 survey and salvage the Titanic, from a temporary passenger valuables bag inside a diamond and sapphire rings, brooches, necklaces, cufflinks and a gold pocket watch. Before a small part funded by Premier Exhibitions on display with the jewelry tags, but most will be the first appearance. These jewels in the Atlanta Premier Exhibition Hall will be on display for two months, after the display in Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, respectively. Woo, we are looking forward for this fair coming.

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