What’s 2D barcode labels

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The two-dimensional barcode labels are a certain geometry according to certain rules in the direction of plane (2D) distribution of black and white graphic record data symbols; clever use of code compilation constitute computerinternal logic based on "0", "1" is the concept of a bit stream, using a number corresponding to the binary geometry to represent text numerical information is automatically read by the image input device or the photoelectric scanning device in order to achieve the automatic processing of information:two-dimensional bar code / two-dimensional code can be expressed simultaneously in both horizontal and vertical orientation, express large amounts of information in a small area.

The simple two-dimensional code technology dimensional code scanning, rapid access to the information stored in the two-dimensional bar code, Internet, send text messages, dial-up, and the exchange of information, automatic text input, phones dimensional code has various large handset manufacturers use development. phones two-dimensional code is a kind of two-dimensional code, phones dimensional code can not only be printed in newspapers, magazines, advertising, books, packaging and personal business cards, users can also the phones scan two-dimensional code, or enter a two-dimensional code below number to fast mobiles Internet anywhere download graphic understanding of enterprise product information.

Compared with the 1D barcode labels have a distinct advantage in the 2D labels, summarized in the following aspects: a) greater data capacity) beyond the limit of alphanumeric) barcode relatively small size d) the ability to have anti-corrupt

Characteristics of the two-dimensional barcode labels

1. Encoding of high density, large information capacity: can accommodate up to 1850 capital letters or 2710 digits or 1108 bytes, or more than 500 Chinese characters, several times higher than ordinary bar code information capacity of about. 2. Wide range of coding: the bar code can be encoded pictures, sound, text, signature, fingerprint and other information can digitize the barcode; multiple languages and characters can be represented; said image data. 3. , Fault tolerance and error correction: This makes the two-dimensional bar code cause local damage due to perforation, defacement, still can get the correct reading, the damaged area of up to 50% can still recover information. 4. Decoding high reliability: two millionths of it than ordinary bar code decoding error rate is much lower, the bit error rate of less than one ten-millionth. 5. Encryption measures can be introduced: confidentiality, anti-counterfeiting. 6. Low cost, easy to manufacture, durable. 7. The shape of the bar code symbol, the proportion of the size variable. 8. The two-dimensional bar code can use a laser or CCD reader reading

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