The processing for making the hangtags

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The hangtags existed in this world everywhere. No matter the garments or bags, there all have tags. It likes the spokesperson for the products. Acting as a variety of roles for advertising products. Like brochures and advertising media. The role can not be underestimated. Especially in the increasingly fierce competition in the apparel industry, in order to stand out in the competition, a button, a thread also should be perfect. Clothing tag, this little accessory, not only to show the clothing of the raw materials, prices and other information and, more importantly, the quality of tags concerns with the attitude of manufacturer to consumer. High quality clothing tags make good clothing distinguished amplified. The tags are so important. Do you know how to make the tags?

Here I introduce you how to make the tags:

For making the hangtags, we should design if first. We use the software such as iIIustrator or CordDraw, or photoshop to design it and distributed to the company to output film printing plate. After it we should make the printing plate. Then begin the printing. After the printing, there have much works need to do. Many tags have special shape, we should make mould to cut it. And need to insert the hole for the tags. Many tags after the printing need to make lamination on it. Or some of the tags after the printing, it also need UV, gold stamping. Some of the tags also need to insert a seal tag or a cord. At this process the job have finished. Then we can pack the tags. In this processing, the most important of which is to open the large-scale printing presses.

You now must have the idea on how to make the hangtags, even a simple tag is not an easy job.

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