The classification for the seal tags

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When you buy the garment, bags, or even underwear there all have tags. The carefully people may discover that there have many different kinds of seal tags. Here I introduce you some classification for the seal tags.

The main classification for tags: One-step molding tags, two-in-one tags, three-in-one tags, four-in-one tags, ribbon tags, single forks tags, double forks tags, cotton cord tags, nylon cord tags. Accord to the shape, the seal tags are divided into below shapes: rectangular, square, round, cylindrical, oval, etc., the shape can also be customized. For the three-in-one, four-in-one, and metal tags the cost are expensive. Its normally three prices than single tags. Accord to the seal tags logos, it can be made with printing logo, foil stamping. Of course, the logos color could be any kinds of colors. But each seal tag only could be with one color, if make two colors, that’s very difficult to make it. It is very slowly and need much time to make a tag.

Classified according to the style of clothing seal tags generally can also be classified as:

Spring and summer tags, fall and winter clothes tags - slightly larger form factor, the process is more complex, more sedate colors using color, such as black, coffee, bordeaux, dark green, navy blue, and so on, Casual tags - use more complex process, but simple shape hanging tablets, tie clip, webbing buckles, webbing hanging tablets, khaki, coffee, beige color multi-use, the suit tags - rectangular, square and oval shape to use more triple hanging tablets, some high-end clothing Epoxy protection technology to prevent the logo fade., Trousers tags - the use of relatively simple shape of law-abiding small tags, the shirt tags - similar to the spring and summer, the jacket tags - loaded with fall and winter clothes and casual similar, women clothing tags, the children's clothing tags - shape complex and changeable, vivid colors, such as sky blue, pink, grass green, underwear tags - generally thin line deduction, rope bars, needle gun, environmentally friendly materials and process technology.

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