How to judge the woven labels’ quality

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The main function for woven labels is showing the brand for the product. Its also could be as the products’ decorative parts, show the manufacturer country, show the company brand and so on. There has main label, side label, country label, chest label, material compositions label and so on. There have so many labels; do you know how to judge the woven labels’ quality? Here I introduce some knowledge for it.

The first, we should know the woven labels made by what are kinds of machine. There have burning edge machine, crochet machine, wooden spindle machine and so on. Different machine, the products quality is different. For wooden spindle machine, the woven labels are the best. They are quite smooth, especially on the edge. It won’t hurt the baby’s skin. It’s mainly used in high-end menswear, women swear, children's clothing, etc., but it also has disadvantage, it has less productions. The slow production caused the prices higher, so it didn’t mainly using on the garments. Wood spindle machine could be divided into: the white level, black level, white damask, black satin.

The second, we should see the woven labels are made by satin or taffeta. For satin labels, the quality is better. So when your compare the label quality, you should take the same technical products to compare it. With the same technical, we should see a label, we should see it color and words. If the words are not clearly. That woven label must have some problems. Also when you strength the label, some label may easily changed its shape. That label with less density. For High density products, it won’t so easily change its shape. Also checking the label folded edge, we also can check the quality. The edge is smooth, and folded well, the quality is more good.

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