Garments accessories transition road from Practical to Fashionable

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The functions of garments accessories (like zippers, buttons, fabric labels, woven labels,) have been some changes in the new market conditions. With the popularity of the technology, the traditional practical function and as well as the quality of most accessories products are very similar, so the consumers are starting to be more emphasis on fashion decorative function. This is the garments accessories developing trend, that’s a new market trend.

Meanwhile, after 20 years of development, China's garment accessories industry already has considerable regulatory touch, the increasingly high level of professionalism, but also trained a number of outstanding brands. According to statistics, China's garment accessories enterprises has reached thousands of related practitioners of millions of people, a wide variety of products to form of both basically meet the domestic demand has a certain international competitiveness complete production system has become an important production base of one of the world garment accessories.

Now, accessories are shifted from the "utility function" fashion decorative function, accessories design integration into the clothing overall design, and has become the fashion, the key elements of the popular. Accessories are "overwhelming", has become the clothing brand in the increasingly fierce market competition to win a key bargaining chip. In previous, like the fabric labels, that’s only show the brand. And now, the more fashtion labels will add the garments’ value.

Even those who had the most to have practical accessories products today began to take on a decorative role. Such as Armani, Zegna suit products, fashion and decoration has become a very prominent feature. Even the small fabric labels will have difference design with previous designs. Among them, the most prominent means of expression is in the collar and placket, the use of very bright colors lining, for example, with orange and color of relatively dull gray tone fabrics, has played a striking effect of the decoration and embellishment. In fact, in the accessories category, the category of metal fasteners, cable, lace itself bears very important decorative features, many of the original elements do not have added to the costume design. Moreover, from the current trends, accessories and for clothing decorative effect, the future will continue to be emphasized and expression. And environmental features, health function, flame retardant function, the flash function of the crystal material, and how reasonable the use of ergonomics, the trend and the trend of the future development of garment accessories. With the continuous development of the industry as a whole, in the two major features of the practical and decorative accessories will also assume more and more responsibility for health, safety, and environmental protection.

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