Good quality leather labels showed on the garments

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The carefully people will discover that in now days there are more and more leather labels on the jeans, jacket, shoes, bags and so on. The leather labels mainly have pvc labels, real leather labels.

For the jeans, the labels mainly used on backside waist place. For cheap jeans, we normally use pvc labels. For expensive jeans, normally we use real leather as the decorative. The labels patch normally made by heat pressing. Different material labels, the temperature should be different. There also have other technics for the leather labels. Except the hot pressing, there also have voltage (high frequency), screen printing, laser, stiching, and embroidery, add hardware on it. And so on others techniques, which we are unexpected it.

Different design garments the labels requirements are different. The styles are also different. Different designers would like to express the theme different. So there have different process of different materials to reflect and pay attention to a lot; the labels look very simple little things; but they are shall with high technic that could make it well. Doing it which is not so simple; but should be with very rich, sophisticated, and must have a wealth of experience in the actual production, in order to reflect the subtle differences and ideal effect. The same material made by different master, the products may come with different results. Like the same pvc labels, or real leather labels, the master different. They may control the machine different. The press is different. So the final labels came out with different appearance. Normally for making the labels, we should adjust the machine well. The production process must not be simple and easy to define. Different industries and pay attention, you can not underestimate any product of any one industry, its presence certainly has its unique charm, certainly has its importance and uniqueness and irreplaceable

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