Plastic seals are essential for the clothing

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The clothing is a project, including design, production, for the production that including various aspects. The most important aspect is the material selection. The material was divided into the fabric cloth and other accessories. This other accessories we all called garment accessories. These including zippers, buttons, hangtags, plastic seals, woven labels, metal labels and so on. They are the essential elements for the garments.

Plastic sealsin a strict classification, it’s the part of the clothing tags. It’s attached to garments, showing relevant information on apparels and including locking seal tags, garments seal tags, colored seal tags, printed seal tags and designer seal tags. These come with special locking device, which cannot be reopened and attached to another garment. In order to remove it, one either has to cut it off or break it, thus ensuring the genuineness of the products.

In now days, the plastic seals are not only the bridge for the clothing with their tags. We should break up these old thoughts... As the market for garment industry becomes more competitive, garment suppliers try their utmost to promote their garments and gain market share in the huge market. But how to make those garments stand out from the rest? Now it is time to adopt some special and unique garment accessories. Today there exist a broad range of garment accessories, such as hangtags, woven labels, and barcode labels and so on. Hangtags can be commonly found attached to garments with seal tags. Actually they are the best combination to inexpensively advertise the brand. Often hangtags deliver as many information as they can to give a first impression on customers about clothes’ material, price, size, color, place of origin and so on. But seal tags, however, compared to hangtags, they are too tiny to have enough space containing such information in detail. Therefore, they play a secondary role as emphasizing the brand and adding a finishing touch to the apparel.

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