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Soft PVC products are economical, safe and high quality: such as PVC labels, which can be due to their smooth surface, easy-clean. Or flame-retardant cable sheathing, which keep out moisture, heat and cold to withstand decades and remain flexible at all times. Soft PVC makes up around 90 percent of durable products such as, for example, floor coverings and cable sheathing and exceeds the lifetime of alternative materials. This saves valuable resources, energy and reduces costs. Therefore, the products are valued worldwide.

The German PVC industry has been promoting the sustainable development of their products throughout their life cycle since the 1990s. Also it been used in clothing as PVC labels. The PVC labels were became the mostly use soft PVC product today. In addition, the European PVC resin producers, plasticizers and additive producers and processors with the voluntary commitment "Vinyl 2010" have significantly contributed to the sustainable development of their products. They will continue to do so with it‘s successor "Vinyl Plus".

European PVC producers have optimized the manufacturing process of all organic PVC precursors, as well as the processing of high-quality raw materials to finished products. In the 1990s, European PVC producers committed to the two industry-charters of the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) to continuously reduce their environmental impact. The emissions of chlorine and vinyl chloride in the air and water have been reduced over the past 20 years by more than 90 percent. This is the result of the study "The current situation of flexible PVC material in the relevant subject areas" (2007) by the Austrian Institute for Industrial Ecology.

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