The basic construction for the plastic hanger’s mold

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There are many hangers in the market. Like sock hangers, shoe hangers, belt hangers, scarf hangers, clothing hangers and so on. So many hangers show on the supper market. Have you ever thought how those hangers came out? You might say, they are made by the molds. Yes, they are made by the molds. There may quite few people know those molds constructions. On below I will instruct the construction for those molds.

Plastic hangers (belt hangers, shoes hangers…) mold is the mold used in the injection molding production, and mainly includes two parts. The fixed mold and movable mold, the injection mold with seven components:

The molding parts directly form parts of the cavity, such as the die punch core.

Clamping-oriented parts mainly used to ensure accurate dynamic model and the fixed mold clamping together to ensure the production of precision plastic hook, such as guide posts and bushings. The gating system refers to the plastic melt lead by the injection machine nozzle to the cavity of the channel, cold slug well by the flow channel, and the gate. Stripping mechanism in the mold, the plastic parts plastic parts and casting system condensate material introduced or pulled out of the device, such as the push rod, push plates, putting a fixed plate and pulling rod. The temperature control system of regulation and control system refers to the temperature of the mold

The exhaust system in the injection process for the row to the flow channel, the cavity of the original gas and the gas generated in the molding design of the system, often use small plastic hook parting surface, the plunger and the core, with the mold with the gap to exhaust. Side parting core-pulling mechanism plastic hook, with the concave side and the side of the hole in the mold before the introduction of plastic hooks must be active core of the of forming concave side and the side of the hole is unplugged from the plastic parts, such functions agency said side parting core-pulling mechanism.

After reading the above information. You now might have a rough idea on the hangers’ molds. Even the small belt hangers are not so simply made.

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