Barcode technology in real life

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I believe that we are not very familiar with the barcode labels. In our shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, they figure. Barcode barcode printer. Therefore, the bar code is part of the cash register, and is part of the cash register system. The bar code is a very large role in the life, but we also just around to see his shadow, there are a lot of him in real life applications, but we do not know. Here we take a look at the bar code application in real life.

We all know that the bar code technology belong to the scope of automatic identification technology, which is developed on the basis of computer technology and information technology, a practical data acquisition, automatic input technology. From the system's point of view, barcode labels technology involves encoding technology, communications technology, photoelectric sensing technology, printing technology and computer application technology. As barcode technology with low cost, rapid identification, accurate, simple to operate, the error rate low. In the process of the formation of the modern logistics information and transmission, barcode technology plays an important supporting role, has become the logistics necessary prerequisite for modern management, modern logistics system is widely used.

Barcode labelstechnology seems very much in our actual life, and also very extensive. In various fields has his shadow.In developed countries, barcode technology has been widely used in the field of commercial warehousing, transportation, production control process, finance, customs, postal, medical and health, ticket management, quality tracking.Barcode technology in China, as a mature recognition technology has been widely universal application to the field of commodity circulation, and applications in the logistics and production control process is constantly evolving.

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