Logistic Security Solutions

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Follow backwards world appears on a different model of the common electronic plastic seals are the following two: The first is based on relying on memory battery randomly bred generation number of the plastic seals to the plastic seal minor obey the supply logistics process doorwarehouse or container switch recording exercise the can be read through red inside records the sweetness of the plastic seal can be repeated exercise.

Far higher than the not affixed the plastic seals trouble many. Is hanging down in order to seek better safety and quality evolved all kinds of security plastic seals. The security plastic seal followed by the rapid progress of technology the evolved electronic plastic seals. Electronic plastic seals from radical containers plastic seals backwards from Management radical plastic seal insufficient security. Best hand wring delivery or receipt may not be ready with a pair of scissors and other tools, unarmed wring the seal will increase the convenience and speed of operation.

Plastic sealsactually took part in the security level, in accordance with the design and material of different general area is divided into two levels: general: the entire design to completion of the same material or disposable plastic injection. You want to open designed seals do need to spend some time with the mind, but in the actual job will find for this style is open and then sets out to go without being discovered risk. Any Unisto seals are there will be a duplicate serial number. Seal the serial number by warehouses certification signature, accompanying documents and trucks, send delivery time, as long as the check serial number there, seals have not been destroyed.

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