Variety of printed labels

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Labels now play an important part in our daily life. We can see various labels everywhere, printed, woven, or mold made, etc. Generally alabelcan be a piece ofpaper, polymer,cloth, metal, or other material affixed to acontaineror object, on which isprinted the information concerning the product, addresses, etc. A label may also be printed directly on the container or object, although it comes as a separate part most of the time.

When attached to fabric products such as garments, textiles and so on, the most common labels are woven labels and printed labels. One is mainly for main logo/brand label or size label, the other is mainly for care label or size label as well. Sometimes a printed label is also chosen to be the main label for certain brands. Materials of these printed labels are mainly satin, nylon and a part of cotton. These labels are always sewn to the garments or textiles, telling people the contents of the article and the wash instructions and perhaps the origin as well. For articles made of/from a certain kind of material, there may be a separate warning notice label attached.

Printed labelsare very popular for another purpose: barcode or price tickets. The biggest market of this kind of labels should be super markets and stores. In big super markets, there is a unique printed label for each item, showing the basic information: product name, dimensions or weight, barcode and price. Many super markets prefer simple paper or cardboard barcode and price tickets as they can easily stuffed into the interlayer of the shelves or pulled out and replaced with a new one, because prices of the products may change for some special holidays or discount seasons. In small stores, a simple price ticket is more common. Store owners prefer to print the prices on some small stickers and directly stick these tickets to the articles.

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