Plastic seals normally come with hang tags

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The clothing is a project, including design, production, which in various aspects of the production process, the most important aspect is the material selected, the material was divided into the fabric cloth and other accessories. Other accessories referred to as garment accessories, sewing thread material in addition to the fabric outer decorative clothing and extended apparel features essential components, including: lining, packing, gasket material, fastening materials, decorative materials, zippers, buttons webbing, shoulder pads, lace, lining, cloth, clothes hangers, hang tags, plastic seals, ornaments, moldings, chalks, hooks, fur, trademark, rope, filler, plastic parts, metal parts, packaging bags, printed label barcode and other relevant and so on.All of these accessories, regardless of the intrinsic quality of the clothing, or the external quality has an important impact. For example: lining, sewing thread mainly affect the intrinsic quality of the clothing, the clothing firmness, of course, play a decorative role. The liner material, lace is used to decorate clothing. Good or bad, a costume design accessories often play an important role, work even more than the fabric itself. Appropriate mix of materials can play a finishing touch, a multiplier effect, and, conversely, can only be superfluous.

Plastic seals, an injection molding process, is a derivative of the garment industry, the vast majority of services in clothing. Its main function is to make the brand of clothing to get good aspirations and a channel to express the brand.

Under normal circumstances the plastic seals and hang tags combination for a multi-style apparel into casual wear, formal wear, children's clothing, suits, trousers, jackets, slings tag can play a very good brand highlights, corporate culture propaganda andproduct identification, washing instructions, in a set of high-end clothing, innovative design, the the obvious themes sling tag with decorative role both play, but also play a finishing touch to the magical clothing.

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