It is not difficult to recognize the garment mark

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Many people do not understand the clothing materials well. They always ask what woven labels are? What are the washcare labels? What are the function of these materials used in identifying?How to distinguish? In fact, as clothing "identity card", woven label marks the factory name, the site, fabrics and surface composition, material type and content, quality grade, washing mark. They are the main basis for consumers to distinguish the quality of clothing and the use and maintenance of the main garment description. Then, what is the clothing mark?One, in the collar, cuffs parts will note a trademark. It is convenient for consumers to identify the brand. In the neck, the side seam will note the specifications to convenient for consumers to choose the right dress.

Secondly, the most obvious place would hang hangtags. It is a collection of all the information about the clothing. For the clothing brand, composition, specifications, and whether the detection of qualified to do a comprehensive introduction. Thirdly, the left side of the clothes is washing label.These look more professional design, it mainly tells us the clothing washing method and has the very strong authority. There is one pattern which is very easy to let the human look confused. There are woven labels and printed labels in the pattern of washing labels.

Recognize the dry-cleaning logoes which are usual made as woven labels or printed labels, as long as you can remember it. As for the letters in the change, it is easy to know the dry material requirements. If in a circle and draw a fork, you must do not dry cleaning. Wool and silk clothing are easy to lose their luster. And pierced with silk, water washing will be serious shrinkage deformation. So with their dry cleaning logo, whether use bleach problem, you need to see a triangle or triangle flask pattern which can be expressed using bleach processing.

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