The development of belt in China

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Belt is usually recognized as leather belt. At present, the international community is popular to promote environmental protection. So the most popular pattern is PU belt, as for the leather belt, it is less in Market. China is the world's largest exporter of leather belt. The belts exported to European Union and the United States of America must meet strict standards of environmental non-toxic.The current popular leather belt is gradually wide grew style, and a wide head, a narrow head. The wide place is up to 12 cm, with shiny metal button decoration. Color is also diversity, such as red, blue, purple, yellow, white, wei. But black more, because black with any color looks beautiful. With the development of belts, the position of belt hangers also changes.

Belt is developed from northern China's ancient minority living in long-term practice evolved. It is not only for the department of beam robes but also features a number of objects which used in production and life.The basic shape is lower studs nailed to a head at the upper end of the belt. The up part is as a hook, which used to hook the belt to the other end. The middle also has a hook. There is a common animal shape, lute shape and various special-shaped hook. But in this period, there are no belt hangers.

In Tang and Song Dynasties, the leather is used to inlaid with gold, jade and gold belt. The belts rank with gold, jade, silver, angle and so on. The history book "Wei Zhi" has been recorded in the Liao Dynasty officials, civil servants must wear "towels, computer bag, the knife" and other five kinds of objects. The military must wear "swords, stones, a needle cylinder, Flint bag" and other seven kinds of objects. If there is no leather belt, so many things can't be carried. Thus the belts became an integral part of the lives of people dress. As for the belt hangers, they do not appear yet.

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