Barcode labels in our life

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Speaking of bar code scanning, I am sure you will think of barcode labels, barcode software, barcode scanner, barcode printing, all linked with the bar code, not with falling. Barcode scanning in life there is lots to talk about the topic. On interception segment, to talk about living in a period of experience to share.

Wandering around in a big mall inside a couple of days ago, and found that one is 50% off Special welcoming the clothing store is really like two clothes. Two clothes price 748 yuan and 798 yuan, 770 yuan to start after playing a 5 fold. After returning home, the mood is called a good. Suddenly I found the label has two layer barcode labels, and carefully opened the outer tag, which turned out to have a price, the price on the label, but only outside half of the price is 369 yuan and 428 yuan respectively. At this time, only to feel that they have been fooled, two dress original price is a total of more than 700 yuan, stores deliberately turned a one times the price, and then to 50% discount promotion realistic. Early next morning, I went to the store to request a return or compensation, shop for clothes no quality problems shall not be returned refused. Also said that what the original barcode labels has been torn, the label has been blurred, and can not prove that she modified price. I could do nothing.

I do not know there is no such personal experience: if we want to buy something, we look for cheaper price for the same quality, but if you do not personally go to various shops around, it is difficult to achieve this purpose. Even if the turn, like price discounts such traps is not careful it will fall into. How to avoid it?Barcode scanning can be mitigated to a certain extent.

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