Plastic seals reflect the taste of fashion design

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Plastic seals(sling) are an integral part of garment accessories, mainly used for hanging clothing label, it is a link between the tag of apparel and clothing (apparel brand identity, washing logo, price tags, etc.), a set ofgood tag, hanging tablets with better reflects the taste of the design of the garment accessories and prominent clothing brand, mainly by the rope, a fork, a plastic body, logos, hot color of several parts. Hanging tablets (sling) early play by the simple cotton rope, hemp rope, nylon rope, braided rope, etc. to form a ring to use, unable to achieve the brand highlights and special edition effect, after stamping with aluminum plus printing paper, looks a simple iron hook easily hook hurt the clothing, now most of the injection molding process, materials, multi-PS, ABS, etc., cord nylon rope, polyester rope, cotton rope. Plastic seals are mainly used for clothing, but also a part of brand watches, bags, shoes, hats, jewelry, umbrellas hoisted label products.

Plastic sealsand the hang tag is directly linked to the clothing, so there is strong fastness requirements for color. The color fastness including the line, plastic, hot color, normal line and plastic through strict control are not easy to fade, a simple test method: boiling water soaked 3 ---- 5 minutes. Some trade orders will require a professional detection.Hot color is difficult to control, even if imports of the best color foil can not be guaranteed not fade, it is proposed to those who require a higher need to use the foil class anodized aluminum or black and white, other colors drip transparent organic protection.

Plastic sealsneed to match with the hang tag in the design and selection, basically the same style with the tag of the best bags, brochures, tag, hanging tablets package the VI design style and the main color.

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