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Silk screen effect is good or bad and printed materials. Silk screen effect mainly depends on the following aspects: the printed silk screen can not gum drop, try to see it can be pasted with adhesive; surface gloss, no pores, no rough feeling, and printed a certain thickness, do not see the background of materials, and easy to stick dust; silk screen edge Junpei, feeling no dog tooth India; does not fade; course printed on the elastic flexible material is even more careful not to split. Can unplug the material point of view clearly can be seen.The chromatic To accurate and does not shift.

Embroidered good or bad effects with straight stripes fabric materials have a great relationship.The embroidered effect mainly the following aspects: the density to be enough, you can not look at the material in the end; thickness should be uniform, not to large and small; the embroidered edges should be uniform Junpei, edge Do not uneven; connection to trim clean. Good PVC labels do not disconnect, not bleaching, not sticky, smooth edges, clear surface, even if the high temperature of the region will not be deformed softened.

The voltage is generally used material is PVC labels, glossy soft leather class, the pressure of the gas inside to full, no outlet, flexible, smooth and will not burst open around. Clear lines. PVC labels specification refers to two connected teeth aggregate size and size range of the width of the fastener chain, measured in units of mm, the specifications of the zipper is the basis of the shape and size of the various components, is the size of the most important characteristics. Pull chain Modelimportant reflection of the shape, structure and performance characteristics, the pull of the chain model not only contains a pull chain specification requirements also reflect the performance characteristics of the pull chain zipper technical parameters and use functions.

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