Beautiful PVC labels in our life

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There are more and more varieties of accessories for children in today’s market. Except for the common accessories of hats, scarves, gloves, hair accessories, traditional bracelets and chaplets, etc., designers now paid more attention on the small accessories for a certain product. Some designers are even specializing in these small parts, although most of the designers design all the details of the whole products. If they are working on a child’s coat, for example, the designers not only need to think about the pattern and material but also need to work out all the relative small parts, such as labels, tags, buttons, zips and so on.

It becomes a routine that nearly every product has one or several labels or tags attached, no matter if it/they is/are made of fabric, paper, metal or plastic, showing the logo or brand name and some other information. PVC labels are a common choice for backpacks or shoes, especially children’s shoes. One PVC label can contain two or more different colors, and it can be made into various shapes as designed.

Except the original function of the garment accessories, people add more roles to them, such as decorating. As for the material, there are cloth and other accessories. The garment accessories involve hang tags, woven labels, printed labels, PVC labels, seal tags and fabric labels etc. Generally, there are some English letters or logo woven on that. Many garment accessories have taken more importance to this. For the woven labels and printed labels, they all have put it into action. The PVC labels are although small. Their function of promoting is noted by most people. Taking more attention to the development of economical brands is am important way to rush the change of the development of economy.

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