A mobiles phones parity software

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Now, a mobiles phones parity software quietly popular, as long as the phones aligned supermarket goods barcode labels swept away, will immediately appear on the screen of the same commodity prices in different stores for many consumers, "naked" price comparisontasted the sweetness. This is a new development of barcode scanning.

There are many similar phones software, smart phoness for different systems, the name of the software array, at least dozens. This phones software for consumers is just fine, purchase goods using parity Software Reference, water can be squeezed out through the parity price will also be able to avoid falling into the trap of price discounts. Just so accurate scan results inaccurate?

I carefully studied, picked up a box of 50 grams of Lipton Yellow tea, so North Central Branch in Carrefour to open the phones parity software in the phones, opening the inside of parity program, and then use the camera in front on the box barcode labels swept away, immediately jumped out of the Zhengzhou of five supermarket brand Cikuan tea Price: 9.69 yuan, 9.7 yuan and 9.9 yuan, 11.6 yuan and 11.9 yuan. The reporters found that slightly different parity software data with actual data, such as Carrefour North Central Branch this commodity price of $ 11.2, not 11.6 yuan. However, this may be just the beginning, I believe that in the near future. Barcode scanning will appear in front of us with a more accurate and convenient form of.

This is only barcode labels very small application in life, but the potential is still there. Slowly, there will be more barcode scanning software like mall barcode scanner generally open. Also am looking forward to the cooperation in the era of barcode scanning and barcode software.

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