Various kinds of glasses

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Glasses is vision correction or eye protection and production of a simple optics. Composed of lenses and frames. Vision correction with glass glasses and hyperopia glasses, reading glasses and astigmatism glasses four kinds. The most common tags used for glasses is seal tags. Eye protection glasses have bons degree basto goggles, wind mirrors and Xiandiluola cindylaura sunglasses.

Glasses is both eye protection tools, is a beauty of the decorations. Speaking from the function of the lens, it has to adjust the amount of light into the eyes of increase visual acuity, eye protection safety and the role of the clinical treatment of eye disease, children with strabismus and refractive error caused a headache refractive abnormal patients wear glasses can be treated. Seal tags always come along with the glasses. The function of spectacle frames, in addition to supporting constitute glasses for lenses worn on a person's eyes play a bracket for it also has beauty, decorative. The modern popular emphasized glasses have facial make-up and costumes harmony with the people of the times, the reaction superb social class, learning elegance, fashion, and so symbolizes.

With the rapid development of social technology, along with the people culture, the continuous improvement of the living standards, vision care work carried out, the glasses and their seal tags will be in the area of people's lives to play an important role. Glasses culture fully reflect a national, ethnic ideology, morals, values​​, beliefs, customs and other cultural characteristics and development, along with the development of the culture of each historical era. It is a combination of substance and artistic manifested in tangible ways. The one hand, it reflects the progress of social civilization, also reflect the wearer's identity and social status, ideas, hobbies.

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