What is brand

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Brand is brought to the owners of premium value-added intangible assets, his carrier is used to distinguish and the products or services of other competitors name, term, symbol, branded printed labels, mark or design, and combinations thereof, and value-addedfountainhead from the impression formed in the minds of consumers about their carrier. Simply speaking, the brand is the awareness level of the consumer products and product series.

The brand is an evalsuation of the value of a business and its products, service, culture and cognition, is a trust. The brand is a manifestation of the quality of a commodity and representatives, when people think of a brand at the same time always and fashion, culture, value to associate with the brand continue to create stylish, foster cultural, as the business stronger and bigger, to constantly upgrade shift from low value to high value-added, to the advantage of product development, product quality advantages, the advantages of high-level transition of cultural innovation. When the brand culture is recognized by the market and receives, the brand has generated its market value.

Brand is the logo added to the goods by manufacturer or dealer, printed labels is a common choice for this logo. It consists of the name, term, symbol, symbol, design, or a combination thereof. Generally consists of two parts: the brand name and logo. Brand (or organization) identification of the goods can trigger the audience of mental activity. First, the brand must have an identity as a carrier, the identification of the body, like the printed labels. However, only the logo is not enough, just like people have a body, and more importantly, the soul. Only those who can trigger the audience mental activity identification, can be called the brand, otherwise, it is at best a trademark.

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