Various kinds of printed lanyards

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I.dentification card lanyard: such as: suitable for in label hanging with, work card strap work lanyard, working lanyard, badge lanyard, badge lanyard, printed lanyards, woven lanyard, Shuangkou hanging electronic products lanyardshow card slings, harnesses, lanyard, lanyard).

2. Digital products Shengdai series: such as: suitable for mobiles phones lanyard, mobiles phones strap, phones zipper rope, couple phones rope, MP3 lanyard, MP4 lanyard, lanyard Samsung, U disk lanyard, lanyard headphoness, camera slings, harnesses, printed lanyards, strap, zipper tape, wiping the phones)

3. Travel goods Shengdai Series: luggage belt, luggage belt, climbing cingulate, drinks sling, kettle suspenders)

4. Fashion jewelry Shengdai series: hand strap, wrist strap, finger with a tape measure with carry belt, belt, belt, glasses strap, glasses with Olympic medals hanging with, shoelaces, pet belt series)

5. bag series: flannel bags, velvet phones pouch, nano PU phones bags, knitted mobiles phones sets, gourd bags, jewelry bags, jewelry gift bag, waterproof bag, canvas bag, non-woven bags and other packaging gift bag

6. Variety of materials: a special multi (polyester, poly), nylon, PVC, PU, silicone, resin, metal, etc..

7. A variety of techniques: screen printing, thermal transfer (dye-sublimation), glue transfer, printing, jacquard, embroidery, printed lanyards, woven labels; luminous, reflective, flash, laser.

8. Material: nylon (shiny, smooth feel soft, moderate prices). Material of otherwise Tetoron (soft, lower prices) to choose from! Product Specifications: length requirements common width 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm.

The modern lanyard further development on the basis of the ancient culture, whether in the form of, or from design to decoration, patterns and color have become more colorful, reflecting the new values ​​and aesthetics.

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