Some knowledge about seals

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Philip Kotler marketing management guru: the meaning of the brand is the pride and advantage, when the company was founded, the brand power because of service or quality, the formation of intangible commercial positioning.Brand First exclusive commercial symbol, or trademark. Then symbols need to be perceived, that is meaningful.

The the radical seal tags (in English Seal) is most of the modern businessman paste a the strip sticker (commensurate) purpose is to prevent the damage containers in transit Diaobao stolen holders identity card items in the container items shippers (shippers) shipping companies and customs three categories. But this is only to a certain thoughtfulness obey eventually motives as usual will manufacture the fake plastic seals cause a lot of trouble. The radical plastic seals in accordance with the different uses dividends container plastic seals, plastic seal, to the court security plastic seals; dividends paper plastic seals, plastic seal tags, metal plastic seals, electronic plastic seal according to the different materials.

The radical Container plastic seals sources may be divided into three categories cargo owners (shippers), shipping enterprises and Customs. The plastic seal tags the terms marked to to prevent containers in transit or gave birth to occur is Diaobao stolen damage. However necessary to visually distinguish this plastic seal is inevitable due to the appreciation of intentionally large to be big to be fabricated occasional negligence even can not play the desired effect lofty lost even a lot of trouble order to manage these radical plastic seals the title led to the mass production of electronic plastic seal.

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