Sticker labels applications in the transportation industry

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A typical transport business process usually experienced: Suppliers -> freight forwarding, freight forwarding -> trucking companies, freight companies -> Customer and several other processes. Each process involved in the processing of shipping documents. Shipping documents contain a lot of information, including: the consignor and consignee information, the list of goods, transport way. Document processing, provided that the data entry. The manual keyboard entry way there is the problem of low efficiency and high error rate, has been unable to meet the requirements of modern transport industry.

The two-dimensional bar code sticker labels provides a good solution in this regard. The contents of the documents compiled a two-dimensional bar code sticker labels printed on the shipping documents, two-dimensional bar code reader to scan the bar codes used in various aspects of the transportation business, the information will be input into the computer management systemis fast and accurate.

In the United States, although EDI application innovation a core part of the business process, but unfortunately, it ignores the key role in the process - freight company. Many EDI message is always late for cargo operators that affect the transport of goods and customer receipts generated because they can not confirm the accurate and timely shipment order information. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) Therefore the the paper EDI system. The sender EDI Information compiled a PDF417 barcode sticker labels submitted to cargo operators, incoming freight business computer system by scanning a barcode, the information is immediately. It all happened at the right time and the right place, and greatly improve the efficiency of the entire transportation process.

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