Different technics of woven labels

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Woven labelsare woven with a special trademark machine trademark specified by the customer; It consists of warp and weft, warp twist / 600 meters of silk thread made of polyester weft polyester or cotton, rayon, nylon yarn, wire applicationsinto, with brightly colored solid performance features brightly colored, firm, rich performance characteristics the weaving class trademark application: for example: clothing, shoes and hats, the main indicator of the site (commonly known as the main label) highlight the role of the brand; another washing. The composition of Mark and size Mark also use weaving class trademark. Woven labels classification by structure: Print and satin.Plane (warp than twice as many), but also other structural types can be specially tailored.

Shading, care label, size label generally use plain weave, which is characterized by an organization only two of the root of the number of the cycle of latitude and longitude lines.Latitude and longitude lines every one on the buckling once intertwined points up, most Caine latitude and longitude lines every root on buckling times intertwined point up the most fastness, surface by light, easy to produce a a slow reflective sheen dull surface by light is easy to produce a slow reflectiveluster dim.

The Jingwei intertwined continuous diagonal arranged so that the surface of the fabric with the warp and weft the interleaving points arranged in a continuous diagonal, so that the surface of the fabric has a clear diagonal lines.Than plain woven labels are the pros and cons of the points the two shuttle dyed yarn called duplex on each side. Twill weave intertwined less than plain weave, weft longer span, it is worse than plain fastness the shiny lighter feel than soft and smoothpoor fastness lighter gloss, feel soft and smooth.

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