Nylon printed lanyards

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The polyamide fibers commonly known as nylon (Nylon) Name Polyamide (PA), density of 1.15 g / cm 3, is a thermoplastic resin containing repeated amide groups on the molecular main chain - [NHCO] - general term. Including aliphatic PA, aliphatic - aromatic PA and aromatic PA. Aliphatic PA varieties yield a wide range of applications, to name a specific number of carbon atoms from synthetic monomers. Carothers, a chemist and his research team invented. Nylon printed lanyards, polyamide fibers (nylon) is an argument can be made to grow fiber or staple.

The nylon printed lanyards products used webbing part of a material. Environmental protection and beautiful nylon production of mobiles phones products. Screen LOGO processing because of its fine and smooth surface characteristics, is very suitable for use in the surface.Usually nylon lanyard products purity higher, some mixed with other types of yarn, such as polyester fiber. Nylon commonly used, and is meet decimal customized convenience, there is a lot of common color off-the-shelf materials, such materials are not limited order to meet different customer needs.

Nylon printed lanyards, near flame that quickly curling melt into white jelly dripping, melting in the flame burning and blistering, burning flame, difficult to leave the flame continued to burn, emitting a celery flavor, light brown after cooling the melt is not easy pestle.Polyester, easy to ignite, collapsing near the flame, burning edges melted edges of black smoke and yellow flame, emitting a fragrant odor, dark brown lumps after burning ashes, crush with your fingers. Another feel will be different the polyester feel relatively rough, the nylon feel very smooth some. Fingernails scraping fingernails scraping, obvious traces Dacron obvious traces of nylon, but this method is not as good as the first a way to intuitively easy to argue.

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