General types of clothing

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There are many different types of clothing. As the basic appearance, varieties, uses, production methods and raw materials are different, There are a big variety of types and styles of clothing and their main woven labels.

If classified according to the basic form and construction of the clothing, they can be summarized as three types: body type, style type and mixed type.Body type clothing is in line with the body shape and construction. This type is originated in the boreal regions. Generally this type of clothing are divided into two parts, upper garments and bottoms. Upper garments are compliant to human’s bust, neck and the shape of the arm; bottoms are conforming to the shape of the waist, buttocks and legs, mainly including pants and skirs. Cutting and sewing of this type are more rigorous and they pay much attention to the contour shape and the main effect of the clothing. For example, most of suits, with satin or damask woven labels as main labels, are body type.

Style-type clothing is kind of loose, cloth are stretched on the body. This style is originated in the tropical regions. These garments do not stick to the human’s body but are more freely, cutting and sewing process are more dedicated to simple plane effect. Mixed type clothing are a mixture of boreal body type and tropical style type. They have the characteristics of both types, using simple planar structure cutting, but taking the human body as the main hub. Basic form of this type is rectangular, such as Chinese Robes and Japan kimono.

Understanding the various classifications of clothing and the performance characteristics of different clothing, we can better know the purpose and requirements of the clothing design, and then make the right choice of fabrics, woven labels and accessories, also take the most reasonable manufacturing method.

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