The environmental material fabric labels

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Cotton fabric labels are the traditional thermal insulation materials. The cotton fiber is fine with no parasitic fungus, natural and low carbon and environmental protection. They are pure natural renewable resources. Generally, the real cotton fabrics are all with cotton yarn which is in add a small amount of polyester- cotton and polyester cotton so that it can have the advantages of easy to wash, heat resistance, alkali resistance, moisture resistance, health not shrink, not easy fold, not easy to deformation, not sticky hairs etc. The key is matched with the appropriate proportion of cotton and polyester.

The fashionable ornaments have been in the major position now, which are leading the trend of popularity. For example, in the design of garment, the designers take more attention to the buttons, fabrics and metal labels. Therefore, no matter the high-end wedding veil or the common female dress, their feeling of design and value increases much after being embellished by the ornaments. However, in recent years, people not only attach more importance to the utility function of the garment accessories, such as fabric labels

As for the fabric labels, they are the same as the labels on the aspect of printing and main material, such as satin, nylon, cotton.Involved in the industry of woven and embroidered products for years, reputed and quality-guaranteed manufacturers and suppliers understand the intricacies. For garment manufacturers and garment accessory manufacturers, it is a key period to enlarge their distributing market and industry. For the brand owners, they just wait to charge for their brand value. And the manufacturers just receive the little money for their work. To enhance the position of brand is a necessary measure to develop the garment market.

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