Papers used to make sticker labels

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Various papers are available on the market to make sticker labels.Chad paper is one of them whose patents sometimes include synonyms such as chaff and chips. Chad less tape is prepared by feeding blank tape through a device which will not punch a complete circle in the tape but, instead, will only cut approximately three-quarters leaving a movable, or hinged, lid of paper in the tape.These are clearly intended as jokes. More serious speculation about the origins of the word Chad suggests derivation from the Scottish name for river gravel, Chad, or the British slang for louse. Chad may also be derived from the Indo-European Chad, to discard or throw away.

Chadrefers to paper fragments created when holes are made in a sticker labels, card or similar synthetic materials, typically computer punched tape or punched cards. "Chad" has been used both as a mass noun and as a countable noun. Chad was made famous in the highly contentious 2000 United States presidential election where many of Florida votes used style punched card ballots. Where all corners was still attached, but an indentation appears to have been made. These votes were not counted by the tabulating machines. Chad is more commonly seen in mundane, everyday settings.

When a whole punch of the functional or decorative type is used, it removes a small amount of paper - a Chad. Chad is also common in stores, where holes are punched so that merchandise can be hung on pegs or clips. Chad is also the small strips, pieces of sticker labels or shred waste that remain of the documents fed through a paper shredder. Chad can also be the result of punching holes in any sort of thin material, such as cloth, plastic, or even sheet metal. Chad is sometimes used as confetti. This is generally harmless when using thin circular paper Chad. The rectangular Chad from punched cards is unsuitable

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