The utilization of barcode labels in store

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In the past, the mode of operation is based on handmade and paper. Even there is a lot of work need to be done by them. In storage, delivery, inventory, it occurs more errors monthly. After making mistakes, it often takes long time to track these differences, so as to expand its influence. And the application of the warehouse barcode labels is mainly through the data collection to send data timely to the computer, without manual operation and memory, avoiding the error occurred. And in reducing operator cases and inventory accuracy reached one hundred percent. Shipping and wholesale operations difference rate is zero, and some large amount of labor work is also compressed.

Barcode labels are to ensure that the warehouse operations to optimize and make full use of warehouse space, fast and convenient for customers to provide quality services achieving collect value priority means. Warehouse bar code software system integration software collects the radio frequency technology, bar code technology, RFID technology to warehouse management, wireless scanning, electronic display, real time data transmission which consists of a complete warehouse management system to improve work efficiency, achieving the information resource making full use of network resources and accelerating the process of sharing.

In the bar code software operation process, it supports the execution of the purchase of goods receiving, inspection, shelves (placed), dismantling, picking, packaging, shipping, and other activities to provide support line. At the same time, it involves the spatial resources, processing management, equipment resources, EDI etc to provide good function for value-added services. Barcode labels can be given to the enterprises and other systems integration, respectively, for different functions of management system design data to exchange scheme and data interface improving the storage and supply chain coordination.

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