The patterns of printed lanyards

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The printed lanyards refer to the variety of yarns as raw materials like fabric or tubular narrow fabric. Their patterns are various, which are widely used in clothing, industrial, agricultural, military, transportation and other industrial sectors. In 30th, they are made by hands in small workshops with the raw material of cotton string and twine. When the new China has been established, the material of lanyards develops to nylon, vinylon, polyester and so on. The common usage for lanyards is to hang your mobiles phoness, work cards or other necessary functional cards.

The printed lanyards belong to labor concentrated model product, which need the massive manpower. Compared with the developed countries, China is an abundant human resource country. The price of labor has the absolute advantage. This is an important reason for Chinese ribbon industry swift and violent development. Due to the double-reverse investigation for United States to China ribbon. Chinese ribbon industry has had a huge impact. The United States is undoubtedly the ribbon's main sales market. Affected by this, ribbon exports suffered very large.

However, we might as well go to the United States, while imports printed lanyards of major countries, but the demand of United States market is not the United States, but also exported to other countries. As Europe, South America in these countries on the ribbon of the demand is very large, but also in the growth. Due to American influence, these needs Congress began his search for suppliers. From this point of view, China's ribbon industry is still very promising. Through the various lanyards on garment, you may catch the news that tells you what is popular among people recently. And they can also help you comprehend the popularity trend of social culture.

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