The professional design of the fabric labels

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In different times, people have different choice of clothing fabrics. From the world of fabric consumption, the consumption of chemical fiber is far greater than the proportion of natural fibers, because natural fiber production is astrict by land. But with the development of science and technology, improved natural fibers are more and more popular in recent years. At present, that people are likely to accept the fabric of the garment or garment accessories like fabric labels is to ecological basis, fashion for the purpose of picked from natural fibers. "Ecological" refers to the clothing in the process of being friendly to the environment in the dress to protect human.

"Fashion" is the style, color, pattern and visual aspects of requirements. For example, due to moisture resistance, antibacterial advantages, the past it is mainly used for processing flax leisure clothing. Now, after fine processing, it also made of high-end fashion and lingerie products. In addition to the traditional linen fabric, some new environmental protection fiber is consistent with "eco", "fashion" of the requirement. The so-called green refers to that in the production process it has no pollution to environment and no damage. No matter the garment or the fabric labels, they are the same.

In order to solve the problem of deformation of clothing, clothing fabric is processed through easy-care processing. Some DP technique is the use of the fiber itself to memory function, that is to say, some man-made fibers after being formed. The fiber molecules will have a memory. After washing and external force, they can still recover. Some technologies are the fiber finishing late, such as cotton fiber after the liquid ammonia treatment, external force can not easily role in cotton fiber. Clothing can ensure no deformation. But for fabric labels, there is no necessary.

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